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Business Training-TV is ideal for Safety Trainers. Help make your workplace a safe environment for everyone with a wide range of training options for the whole organisation.

What is Vocam?

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Feature overview

More than your average e-learning platform

Attack safety issues before incidents and injuries occur by tracking your workers’ knowledge of safety risks and procedures with detailed reports of training history and progress, and benefit from conclusive proof that relevant safety training was provided before work began.

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Course Builder

Incorporate your very own original material and assessments to create specific safety training that reflects your unique policies and procedures, with our free Course Builder.

Lesson Plans and Recurring Training

Schedule your training calendar thirty-six months in advance with Lesson Plans, and have all your safety training automatically assign or recur at intervals chosen by you.

Photographic Proof

Trainee Photo Verification provides demonstrable evidence that all necessary safety training was administered and that workers successfully completed training.

Document Upload and Download

Send visitors, contractors, and volunteers a copy of your safety policy, and have them upload relevant licences and certificates to your account prior to work commencement.


Sample Safety Videos

Discover our ELearning courses ideal for Safety Trainers and customise any Business Training-TV course to address the specific safety issues of your workplace.

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