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27 August 2019
Management | Human Resources

ELearning enhances physical training, it doesn’t replace it. Basically, it’s an additional layer of workplace training to help increase safety and reduce risk.

ELearning has become an important part of workplace training around the world.

Firstly, it has simplified many aspects of compliance training. It also increases the accessibility and convenience of training. And, moreover, it’s often terribly cost-effective.

But physical training is far from an expensive and redundant inconvenience.

On The Contrary…

Physical training is not only still useful, but absolutely necessary in many cases. And eLearning enhances physical training by expanding or reinforcing those lessons.

Basically, eLearning is an addition. It’s another side of training to help mitigate potential risks and workplace compliance issues and incidents. It’s designed to complement jobs and training opportunities, not take them away.

For Instance…

Say you have recently provided a physical training course on performing manual tasks in the workplace.

Afterwards you want to gauge your workers’ overall understanding of the training. You could follow up that course with an eLearning module focussing on specific elements of the physical course.

This can be a great way to highlight potential gaps or trouble areas in training or the workplace. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to fill those holes and address problem areas.

Additionally, you could provide or undertake eLearning courses to refresh knowledge and skills. Or, use it to reinforce specific policies at regular intervals or to champion important workplace practices.

There are so many possibilities.


There are also a few impossibilities.

For example, practical exams or physical tests are going to be quite difficult, potentially impossible, to deliver online. Moreover, eLearning probably won’t be appropriate for training that requires specialist tools or equipment.

However, you could use eLearning to complete the pre-education leading up to the practical exam, and similarly, any follow-up study.

To Illustrate…

Forklift training is the perfect example.

Learning to operate a forklift will be difficult without a physical component, and getting a licence will be downright impossible.

Now, there is a theoretical examination, which will likely be delivered as an online eLearning course. However, no amount of book work, as it were, will qualify anyone for actually operating the vehicle.

But don’t forget, eLearning enhances physical training. ELearning enables you to include company policies and procedures. For instance, where things go, who to speak to about issues, and any specific information workers must be informed of.


A forklift licence will really only cover how to operate a forklift.

It’s comparable to getting a standard driver’s licence. The theoretical exam component provides the requisite information, but it cannot give learners the practical skills or experience.

Only physical training and practical application can do that.


Even forklift eLearning that is delivered to temporary workers or new recruits relies on learners already having a valid licence.

Because those courses don’t train people to operate forklifts or certify learners with a licence at the end. They serve as a reminder of safe practices and expectations in the workplace. As well as protecting organisations from compliance issues and incidents.

Additionally, every workplace is different. For instance, even things like where to park or re-charge a forklift will likely be different in every workplace.


These principles apply to many areas of training, not just forklifts.

So, unless your organisation is developing its own eLearning specific to itself, unique physical training will be essential. Because a third party eLearning course couldn’t possibly cover every single organisation’s individual policies and practices.

In essence, use eLearning to enhance and expand and reinforce the lessons of your physical training.


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eLearning Enhances Physical Training


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