It is essential that forklift operators hold valid licences and undergo appropriate practical training. But forklift safety eLearning can build upon that knowledge and help manage workplace forklift risks for both operators and pedestrians.


Tragically, there have been at least 4 forklift-related deaths in Australian workplaces in 2019. Furthermore, over 400 forklift-related injuries occur in both Victoria and NSW annually, with 280+ claims for crush injuries in Queensland. All of which are preventable.


Not only are there serious health and well-being costs, but also these incidents can seriously impact an organisations bottom line. For starters, the average cost of a serious forklift-related injury claim is around $11,000, not including expenses. What’s more, a worker’s recovery time from serious forklift-related injury is, on average, 5 to 6 weeks.


Now, while it may be true that workplace training is often a time-sensitive and cost issue, safety shouldn’t be. Utilise our new Forklift Safe Operations video eLearning course to deliver essential forklift training in an efficient, engaging manner.

Business Training-TV You Can't Be Too safe Around Forklifts



This brand-new forklift safety eLearning course will help develop and maintain positive forklift safety procedures and attitudes in your people.


Forklift Safe Operations covers:

  • Safety Checks
  • Travelling & Traffic Controls
  • The Operating Environment
  • Lifting and Moving Loads
  • Forklift Attachments
  • Parking the Forklift; and
  • Refuelling & Recharging
Business Training-TV Forklift Safe Operations
Your workers can enjoy our forklift safety eLearning at their own pace. This in turn gives everyone the necessary time to fully understand the course, which helps to prevent incidents later. In other words, training helps your people become stronger leaders with the skills to identify and act on red flags.


Additionally, your management will benefit considerably from documented training history and photo verification that proves training was provided.


Overall, forklifts are an incredibly important tool, and an indispensable one for many organisations. However, they can also pose considerable risk.


Therefore, safety must be the primary concern of any workplace that uses forklifts as part of their daily operations. So, remember, you can’t be too safe around forklifts.

We also have a new “Forklift Stability” video eLearning course Coming Soon…


Learn more about our Forklift Safe Operations video eLearning course and other engaging forklift safety eLearning titles in our library. And discover how you can utilise Business Training-TV in your organisation or training environment.

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