Audit Trail

As an organisation you can have a documented and verifiable trail of evidence that proves you have provided training and trainees have undergone evaluation.

Audit features include:

Thorough documentation

Thorough Documentation

Our system provides you with thorough documentation of all trainees and training.

Photographic proof

Photographic Proof

The photo verification feature keeps photos of trainees on record to help prove who did the training.

file upload/download image

File Upload/Download

Our platform gives you the ability to upload and download files within courses, with trainees’ uploaded documents stored in their reports, for example, scans of contractors’ licences or insurance forms.

Document Induction training

Document Induction Training

Business Training-TV aids in the documentation of induction training or onboarding.

document proactive training approach

Document Proactive Training Approach

Our system assists with documenting and evidencing your organisation’s proactive approach to training.

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