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Business Training-TV is perfect for HR Managers. Keep your people organised and up-to-date with comprehensive training options for everyone in your workplace.

What is Vocam?

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Feature overview

More than your average e-learning platform

Increase worker retention by developing diverse sets of skills in your people while tracking potential problem areas, and demonstrating your proactive approach to Human Resources compliance training with detailed reporting capabilities and a verifiable audit trail.

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System Integration

Save time and have all the data you need from Business Training-TV automatically synced back into your existing HR portals.

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Free Course Builder Included

Build your own ELearning courses and quizzes based around the specific HR practices and procedures of your organisation.

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Recurring Training

Set up training for certain HR topics and issues to automatically assign to trainees at recurring intervals over a period of up to three years in advance.

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Vet Potential Candidates

Create unique interview assessments to test the skills and abilities of potential employees so that you can determine which candidates to spend time developing.


Sample HR Videos

Business Training-TV’s library of ELearning titles are perfectly suited to HR Managers, and are easily customisable to suit any Human Resource requirements.

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