Privacy at Work: For Managers

Business Training-TV’s Premium Legal Special Course, “Privacy at Work: For Managers”, is available for training now. This program was authored by Sierra Legal. Covering a variety of topics from The Privacy Act and the Information Commissioner to What Happens If You Breach the Privacy Act, this SCORM course is vital training for managers in Australian workplaces.

Digital technologies have changed the possibilities of collecting, accessing and using personal information. Therefore, greater significance has been placed on its protection. It is critical that managers understand the strict policies surrounding personal information.

With an estimated annual cost of $29b in Australia, data and privacy breaches are a serious concern for Australian organisations. Breaches may also have significant legal ramifications for individuals and organisations alike.

Implement positive privacy practices, handle privacy concerns, and reduce the incidence privacy breaches. Furthermore, mitigate the potential for litigation and legal claims against your organisation.

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Sierra Legal is an Australian firm that specialises in commercially focused legal services. They are passionate about providing the highest quality advice on a range of corporate and commercial matters.

The Sierra Legal team has over 80 years’ professional and industry experience. All of the lawyers in the team have worked at top-tier local and international firms. They believe that good training and experience matter and make a difference to the quality of service they provide.

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