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Powered hand tools eLearning video courses can play a significant role
in the well-being and safety of workers and workplaces.


However, we often overlook proper training because powered hand tools are common
in many workplaces, and indeed our lives. Consequently,
serious incidents and injuries can occur.


In fact, power tools were responsible for 7% of hospitalised injuries in Australia
between 2006 and 2014.

What Are The Organisational Advantages of Using Powered Hand Tools Elearning?


Managers, employers, and supervisors have the responsibility of ensuring that their workplace is the safest environment it can be.


Now, it must be remembered, everyone is responsible for their own actions in the workplace. But proactive training, such as powered hand tools eLearning, can help foster safe mindsets in workers that use such equipment.


Our video eLearning courses can help build a valuable culture of workers equipped to address risks and prevent incidents.

Powered Hand Tools eLearning

Workers using powered hand tools are exposed to many hazards, such as:

  • Falling and flying objects or debris
  • Sharp edges and blades
  • Potentially harmful vibrations and shocks
  • Entanglement in moving parts
  • Dusts, fumes, sparks, and mists
  • Dangerous noise levels
  • Contact burns and electrocution

ELearning is a practical, time-efficient, and financially viable solution for delivering workplace training regarding the use of powered hand tools.


In other words, organisations can reduce costs and productivity losses with on-site eLearning, rather than taking personnel off-site for training. In fact, online video eLearning courses require around 60% less contact time than classroom-based training.


Trainees can also utilise powered hand tools eLearning and online training video courses remotely on smartphones and tablets. This flexibility is, undoubtedly, a huge economic advantage that difficult schedules and traditional training sessions often don’t allow for.


Our video eLearning covers key areas of electric, pneumatic, and battery hand tools, PPE, tool safety & risks, and more. Furthermore, organisations have demonstrable evidence that training was provided with our comprehensive training reports and photo verification.


In essence, you have the ability to prove your organisation’s proactive approach to powered hand tool training and workplace safety.


Why is Powered Hand Tools Elearning Important?


There is no doubt that power tools make many occupation and countless tasks much easier and more efficient. However, everyone that uses this equipment needs to understand the risks that they carry, and the consequences for ignoring them.


For example, serious, lifelong injuries such as noise induced hearing loss, lacerations, and amputations can happen in a split second. Some injuries can also even be fatal.


And evidently, many of those incidents stem from complacent attitudes towards safety, taking shortcuts, and a lack of training.


Powered hand tools eLearning video courses can help workers avoid some of the mistakes that often lead to disaster.


By the numbers:

  • Average around 5,000 serious claims per year for powered equipment, tools & appliances injuries
  • About 24% of Australian workers are exposed to vibration daily, which can lead to MSDs
  • 7% of hospitalised injuries between 2006 and 2014 resulted from power tools
  • Approx. 16,000 serious claims for wounds, lacerations, and amputations every year
  • Average 4 workplace fatalities per year in Australia from powered equipment, tools & appliances
  • Powered hand tools normally operate between 90 – 115dB, above 85dB safe noise level
  • Estimated 30% of Australian workers exposed to dangerous noise levels
Powered Hand Tools Elearning Online Training Video Courses

Anyone using power tools at work must remember the very real danger they can pose to their health and well-being.

Prevent Accidents with Powered Hand Tools eLearning

The Consequences of Power Tool Complacency


Unfortunately, there are many incidents every year that showcase the serious consequences of unsafe use of powered hand tools.


In 2011, a Western Australian company was fined $25,000 after a worker was irreparably injured.


To explain, a nail ricocheted from a nail gun and blinded the worker in one eye. The worker was using the tool to attach steel holding straps. However, the equipment’s operating manual specified: “for use with timber to timber fixing or materials of similar or lesser density”.


The worker made their employer aware of several ricochets that day prior to their injury. In that case, the employer was aware of the safety risks but failed to address them. Furthermore, they also failed to provide adequate PPE to the worker, such as safety glasses, which the employer had on-site.


In another case, in 2019, a young worker was seriously injured and a Queensland builder was fined $75,000 plus costs.


At length, the worker suffered significant hand injuries from a circular saw that required ten surgeries and ongoing psychological treatment. Significantly, the worker hadn’t received specific instructions or training for the equipment and was unsupervised at the time.


Moreover, the investigation found that there were no other workers or supervisors on site at all when the incident occurred. As a result, it was deemed a significant failure, on the employer’s part, to ensure workplace health and safety.


Overall, neglecting safety with powered hand tools is an incredibly unsafe and potentially costly practice in many ways.


Powered Hand Tools Video Elearning


Video has proven to be roughly 83% more effective for information retention than text-based training. Hence, our live-action video eLearning courses are an efficient and very beneficial method of delivering workplace powered hand tool training.


Workers using power tools to complete tasks should work with appropriate supervision or the relevant practical skills and understanding. But coupled with that knowledge, video eLearning can further workers’ expertise and help reaffirm the need for positive safety practices.


Now, managers and employers must ensure, to a reasonable degree, that company tools are safe to use and well-maintained.


But in addition, powered hand tool eLearning could cover simple safety checks that workers themselves can perform before use. For example, ensuring that all safety guards, cords, and blades are in good condition and functioning as per normal.


Further, incorporate reporting policies that workers can follow to inform management personnel of any powered hand tool risks they find.

Power Tools Online Training Video Courses

Business Training-TV’s powered hand tools video eLearning features real people, workplaces, tools, injury scenes, and consequences of unsafe practices.


Therefore, learners clearly see and comprehend the message that they cannot take shortcuts or be complacent with power tools.


Powered Hand Tools: Effectiveness and Safe Operation


Powered hand tools are very common and make many tasks much easier. However, it can be easy to forget the hazards and risks they pose. So, this video eLearning course demonstrates how to avoid common mistakes that can lead to serious injuries and covers:

  • Electric & Battery Hand Tools
  • Tool Safety & Risks
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Common Tools & Safety
  • Pneumatic Hand Tools
  • Tools & Your Surroundings
Powered Hand Tools: Effectiveness and Safe Operation

This video eLearning course is suitable for all workers that use powered hand tools at work.

BTV ELearning

In sum, workers must be proactive about powered hand tool safety. But employers and managers must help create a culture that champions well-being and safe behaviour through positive training initiatives.


Business Training-TV is the perfect solution to help your organisation implement dedicated training programs when you need them. That’s because our powered hand tools eLearning and huge library of other engaging live-action video eLearning courses are ready-to-use immediately.


Our pre-built courses are not about just ticking a training box, but helping you achieve real, measurable business results.


Our free Course Builder also makes trainers the hero. Create custom courses specific to your organisation’s needs, culture, and DNA. Furthermore, Business Training-TV features photo verification, complete trainee histories, and full reporting capabilities to keep managers on top of everything.


As a result, you can pinpoint trouble areas and champion the aspiring leaders within your organisation with targeted training regimes. Subsequently, you’ll supply your people with the tools needed to recognise red flags and reduce the risk of future incidents. The sky is the limit.


Find out more about our Powered Hand Tools video eLearning courses and other safety management courses. And discover how you can utilise Business Training-TV in your organisation or training environment.


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