Developing A Fanatical Customer Focus
Posted on Monday, 8 August 2016
Everyone plugs their proclivity for providing the purchaser with superior service and touts their organisation as customer-focused, or customer-driven, or about the customer. Standing out from the pack and its promises is akin to having someone search for you at the Grand Final from the opposite grand stand; they might eventually find you on their own, but if you jump around waving your arms maniacally, it will make it easier for them.

Now, that’s not to say that you should literally jump around waving your arms maniacally at your customers, that won’t help; in fact, don’t do that. But thinking about what your customer needs, how you can help them, and what you can do to provide the most positive experience possible is what developing a fanatical customer focus, is all about.

Your first port of call is quality. While there’s a common saying regarding assumptions and their linguistic composition that pilfers their safe use; it’s fair to assume that few go hunting for products of inferior quality. Similarly, the numbers are thin of those that chase poor service, and fewer still are those that return to the proverbial scene of the crime once either substandard quality of product or service has been found.

High quality products are a must; however, they’re not enough. Inferior service won’t be saved by a superior product. An inferior product won’t be saved by superior service. Quality directly affects profitability, if your customers are disappointed with your product, it opens the floor for your existing competitors to swoop in and provide what you can’t; and leaves a gap in the market for new rivals to fill.

It’s no secret that quality ingredients and parts, advertising and marketing all cost money, but cutting corners and taking shortcuts are a great way to wind up broke. You might save a little dough in the short term but that extra bread will be cooked and costly in the long run when people don’t return because of the inferior quality.

Good reputations and good will don’t come easy, unfortunately, the ruination of said trust and standing does. A bit like building a house of cards, it’s a careful and time consuming process that will crumble like shortbread without a deft hand to uphold maintenance.

When things inevitably go wrong as things so often do, a good reputation and standing with your customers and the community will provide you with the blessed ol’ benefit of the doubt card. Bad news is like wildfire, as they say, it travels fast; in bad situations, your good stead will be your only armour protecting you from the jabs and jibes of the unfortunates, the rumours, and the speculation.

Developing a fanatical customer focus, and thus, providing fantastic customer service, will be instrumental in building your organisation’s reputation for quality.

It is important to remember that human beings are a fickle species; often indecisive and irrational. In reality, despite your best efforts, there will always be dissatisfied and unhappy customers, and your best defence will always be your best service.

The customers’ experience is the cornerstone of your fanatical customer focus, like the beating heart of it. Conduct surveys, market research, bring in mystery shoppers, and make suggestions and comments boxes, share positive and negative with your whole team; take every step you can to better your organisation’s performance. Service focused on total customer satisfaction is a great tool for success.

Just like safety in the workplace is everybody’s responsibility, Everyone’s job description includes customer service from the maintenance crew to the CEO – every single employee is responsible for building and maintaining your organisation’s reputation and providing the best service to the customer’s, upon whose shoulders, the success of your organisation lives and dies.