In our society, even leaders have to follow guidelines set by others. CEO's have to follow what shareholders, boards of directors, or the marketplace tells them. Billionaire company owners follow government rules and regulations. Elected government officials follow rules and regulations of the system and the people who elect them. The truth is, everybody has to follow rules and meet expectations set by others. As a leader, you will experience restrictions and limitations beyond your control, and must be able to adapt to the situation and follow what has been outlined for you. There are also times where leaders will have to follow subordinate, especially if they are more knowledgeable on a particular topic. Being a good leader requires that you be able to effectively implement, and work effectively under guidelines defined by others. This programme will help you to improve your skills to be a better follower leader.

Running Time: 33 mins

  • Introduction
  • Why Is Followership Important As A Leader?
  • Following Senior Members of Your Organisation
  • Following Subordinates
  • Following From Outside The Organisation
  • Leading By Example
  • Working Effectively In A Team
  • Summary
  • Quiz