Employee Leadership TV for Leaders Series > Developing a Fanatical Customer Focus

In this modern era, where everyone claims to be customer-focused, genuinely differentiating your organization from others can be a challenge. Customer Focus is developing a strong and enduring relationship across your whole organization with its customers, creating the best possible experience for the customer to purchase and use your goods or services. With the rise of websites dedicated to reviewing companies, products and services offered by thousands of businesses around the world are now threatened with the possibility millions of people discovering the poor customer experience that just one individual encounters. The ease for potential customers to find reviews from existing customers of their experience dealing with your company, means that developing a fanatical customer focus is now more important than ever.

Running Time: 35 mins

  • Introduction
  • Producing Quality Products
  • Customer-Driven Reputation
  • Everyone's Job Description Inc Customer Service
  • Repeat Customers
  • Dealing with Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Analyzing the Customer Experience
  • Review
  • Quiz